Influential, innovative, and progressive, Fr3sh is reinventing a wholly ancient approach to fashion. Sustainable Luxury Greek Mythology Fashion — Fr3sh products represent the pinnacle of Belgium craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

Fr3sh was founded in 2020. The team now consists of 1 passionate CEO / greek mythology lover and our team in France to keep our customers satisfied with our products and service.
We strive to bring greek mythology and luxury fashion together to bring something unique into the clothing industry. We believe in the power of a story to be worthy enough to be worn. Namely our Gaia/Gaea story.

Does Fr3sh have any meaning? 

Our brand representation ''Gaia'' is known as the goddess of nature, the primeval mother of the Earth. Fr3sh therefore also distinguishes itself from other brands... having meaningful designs that are in connection with our brand's story.

 Fr3sh (CEO) strives to make the customers feel that they are part of our story and let them know that our brand means more than just a brand. 

We want to share that story with you.


Does the number three in Fr3sh have any meaning? 

Fr3sh is known for the figure Gaia. Gaia is a figure from Greek mythology. She is the primeval mother / of the Earth that emerged from the "Chaos" at the beginning of the "things". The Chaos contained all the basic ingredients. Namely the four elements earth, water, air, and fire. Gaea, among others, was born there. Better called Gaia. Fire destroys nature... so for that reason, Fr3sh doesn't want to be part of that element. Well, that only leaves 3 elements over for our story. These are the elements of earth, water, and air.

The number three in Fr3sh is based on the three elements of the figure Gaia.

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